Tumbes Mangroves National Sanctuary

The Tumbes Mangroves (Manglares de Tumbes) Sanctuary was stabilished on March 2, 1988, through Law (D.S.) N 018-88-AG. This is a very important area as are the only mangrove sweeps in Peru; it is located in the department of Tumbes, province of Zarumilla with an extension of 2,972 hectares. This area is a refuge of wild fauna, specially in dry season, as well as crustaceans, birds, fishes and mammals. These mangroves sweeps are a natural barrier against the erosion. This a natural area not very well known it is a very good place to promote the tourism and leisure activities.

There are five types of mangroves sweeps such as: red mangrove sweep (Rhizophora mangle, Rhizophora harrisonii), the salty mangrove sweep (Avicennia germionans), the white mangrove (Laguncu aria racemasa) and the mangle boton (Conocarpus erectus). With regard to the aquatic fauna we con find 33 types of sea shells 34 types of crustaceans and 105 types of fishes.

This area is a refuge for the crocodile of Tumbes (Crocodylus acutus) which is in danger of extinction.

There are different species of birds like: the fragata (Fragata magnificens) among others. With regard to mammals we can see the raccoon (Procyon cancrivorus). The main gual of this sanctuary is to protect the mangroves sweeps wich constitute the only sample of this ecosystem in Peru.


Manglares de Tumbes

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