Huayllay National Sanctuary

The National Sanctuary of Huayllay, was established by Law (D.S.) N 0750-74-AG. It is located in the plateau of Bombom next the chain of Mountains of Huayhuash, in the department of Pasco, province of Pasco and has a surface of 6815 hectares. The popular Bosque de Piedra Huayllay that is one of the best geological museums in the world. This park is as interesting as the famous parks of Shilin in China and the Garden of gods in the U.S.A.

Some of the arboreal type existing is the quenual (Polylepis sp.) the huamanpinta (Chuquiraga spinosa), the putaga (Rumex peruvianus) and the mata mata (Tafalla thujoides).

There are some mammals such as the deer (Odocoileus virginianus), the vicuna (vicugna vicugna), the vizcacha (Lagidium peruanum), the wild cat (Oncifelis colocolo) and the skunk (Conepatus chinga). With regard to birds we can also find the partridge (Nothoprocta ornata and Tinamotis pentlandii) and the sparrow hawk (Buteo sp.).

The main goal is to protect the geological formations of the Bosque de Piedra de Huayllay as well as its native flora and fauna.


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